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Aha! Scrum


Development Team

The team includes not only programmers, but also testers, architects, designers, etc.


Events are designed to enable transparency and inspection. Both lead to the opportunity to adapt something and optimize work and value.


There is no Sprint 0.

There is no hardening Sprint.

A Sprint is a container of the other events and activities.

Sprint Planning (8h/month)

Part A

Craft a Sprint Goal: What is the purpose of the next sprint? What do we want to achieve? How do we maximize the value of our product?

Part B

Daily Scrum (15 min/day)

Sprint Review (4h/month)

The primary purpose of the Sprint Review is to review completed user stories and look for opportunities to improve the product and optimize value.

Sprint Retrospective (3h/month)


Product Backlog

flowchart LR A[One Product] --> B[One Product Backlog]; B --> C{Teams > 1?}; C ---->|No| D[One Sprint Backlog]; C --> |Yes| E[One Sprint Backlog per team];